Student Profile: Meet Max



Age:  7

Instrument: Violin

YSOECI program: Prelude 

Favorite color: Green 

School: Burris

Siblings: He has two sisters 

Favorite part of YSOECI: Playing in the concerts 

Favorite part of class: Playing the games 

Interesting/fun fact: Likes dancing 

Rehearsal and Class Times for 2018-2019

Rehearsal and class times for 2018-2019 have been updated:

3:20-4:00 Suzuki Violin Class for 5- and 6-year-olds with Director Tiffany Arnold

Prelude Orchestra
3:45-4:40 Cello Prelude with Director Heather Scott
4:00-4:55 Bass Prelude, MU 103
4:10-5:05 Violin/Viola Prelude
5:10-6:05 Violin/Viola Prelude

Overture Strings
3:45-4:40 with Director Matt Spieker

Intermezzo Orchestra
4:45-5:45 with Director Matt Spieker

Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO)
6:00-8:00 with Conductors Matt Spieker and Ian Elmore

Please see our About page for more details about each orchestra. See our Prospective Members page to register for a specific orchestra.



Student Profile: Meet Elliott



Age:  11

Instrument: Violin 

YSOECI program: Intermezzo Orchestra

Number of years playing violin: 3 

Favorite thing about playing the violin: Learning and playing new songs 

Favorite thing about Intermezzo: Playing in the concerts 

Favorite color: Purple

Hobbies: Reading — currently reading A Wrinkle in Time

Favorite type/genre of music: Likes to listen to Switchfoot along with classical music

Siblings: 1 brother 

Interesting/fun fact: Likes physics. Favorite sports team is the Cubs, and favorite player is Anthony Rizzo

Overture Strings


Announcing Overture Strings, an ensemble for violin, viola, cello, and bass students who have played their instruments for about one year. Overture Strings will rehearse on Mondays from 3:45 to 4:40, beginning in late August. We are grateful to the George and Frances Ball Foundation for their generous support of Overture Strings.

Student Profile: Meet Wesley



Age: 8

Instrument: Violin

YSOECI program: Prelude

School: Homeschooled 

Grade: 3rd 

Favorite part of YSOECI: Hearing the music 

Favorite part of class: Getting to play the violin

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite thing to do: Play the violin 

Interesting/fun fact: His favorite baseball team is the Cubs, and his favorite player is Chris Bryant 

Student Profile: Meet Parker


Age: 7

Instrument: Violin and piano

YSOECI program: Prelude

Favorite color: Purple 

School: Burris, 1st grade

Siblings: Older sister 

Favorite part of YSOECI: Hearing the music 

Favorite part of class: Playing games 

Favorite song: Look What You Made Me Do, by Taylor Swift 

Interesting/Fun Fact: He loves listening to Taylor Swift 

Student Profile: Meet Josiah

Josiah Hotmire
Age: 11
Instrument: Violin
Group: Intermezzo
Favorite Thing About Playing Violin: The different kinds of music
Favorite Thing About Playing in the Orchestra: Hearing all the instruments combined

Student Profile: Meet Catie


Age: 7 

Instrument: Violin 

YSOECI program: Prelude

Favorite color: Mint green 

School: Burris 

Grade: 2nd 

Siblings: One brother 

Favorite part of YSOECI: Getting to play the violin

Favorite part of playing the violin: Listening to the music she creates when playing her violin

Fun Fact: She loves to dance to Taylor Swift

Favorite song: “Look What You Made Me Do,” by Taylor Swift

Student Profile: Meet Sala

Age: 12
Instrument: Bass
Favorite Thing About Playing the Bass: How loud it is
Favorite Thing About Playing in the Orchestra:
When you mess up, there are other people to help cover it up

Youth Symphony will play side-by-side with Muncie Symphony

Please join us on Saturday, April 28, at 7:30 p.m. in Emens Auditorium for a Muncie Symphony – Youth Symphony side-by-side concert.  For the first piece on the program, Bellini’s Overture to Norma, Youth Symphony students will play next to the professional musicians of the Muncie Symphony Orchestra.  The concert will also include Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54, featuring MSO Young Artist Competition winner Phillip Shou, and Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in D Major (Titan).  Tickets may be ordered in advance or purchased at the box office.